Canopy Prizm training?

I’ve been through the 4 days of training for Canopy but at that point we weren’t using Prizm so we decided to opt out of the final day that involved Prizm. We’re now planning on hopefully using Prizm in our network. So…, for those of you who have gone through the training, is it worth it? Do they teach you enough in that one day that you felt real comfortable with Prizm and implementing it in your system?
Ultimately we’re planning on having all our tower locations (~25 sites) and requiring SMs to authenticate to the system.

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i would recommend installing and implementing Prizm on your network first so that you are already familiar with digging around in the system and how it works. (the class doesn’t cover installation anyway…it covers how to use the system to manage your network) Then go to the class which will give you a lot of insight into some things about prizm that may not be obvious. then when you get back from class you have an already installed and running system to configure and tweak.

Prizm is kind of like photoshop. Almost anyone can sit down with photoshop and get a few basic things done and figure out how to use the software. However after going through an in-depth photoshop course you see that there is so much more the software can do for you and your business.

from my experience if i would have gone to the class without ever playing with prizm i would have been confused. But since i was familiar enough with the software it gave me the extra knowledge i needed to really get the performance out of the system. Also and most importantly is having a working prizm system already up and running when you get back from class so you can immediately use your new knowledge. if you take a couple weeks between class and configuring the system your memory retention won’t be there as well as if you get back and use your knowledge right away.

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Just because I confused YOU doesn’t mean everyone else was confused, LOL.

But seriously, if you take the CPT400 class and let the instructure know what you are planning we can sort of lean the class material a bit in that direction and help you understand what tools are available in Prizm.

well being as confusion is my normal state of mind it probably wasn’t your fault sterling. 8)