Canopy QoS need mark packets as VoIP?


I´m kind of new in QoS but as far I understand if you implement some type of priorization you need to mark the packets to assign priority.

Our network is Canopy and tech support will upgrade to 7.3 all the software but my question here is if they enable VoIP priority, it will not be necessary to do some change the the VoIP equipment at the customer side to mark the VoIP packets?

Let´s say that customer canopy is connected to WAN port of a regular Linksys Cable/DSL BEFSR11 Router and LAN is connected to a switch where there are 2 IP Phone or ATA with 2 fxs port and computers. IF the canopy link have VoIP priority will not requiered that the IP Phone or ATA mark the voip packet so it can be recognized to give the priority?

Yes, the end equipment will need to mark the traffic as voice otherwise it is treated as normal traffic. Canopy can be configured to expedite packets based on their diffserv tag however it cannot perform this tagging.