Canopy Setup

Right now we have 2 separate 900mhz Canopy access points on two towers. We have a central tower which has a 5.8 Trango backhaul to each tower location. We are planning to put a 900 access point on top of the central tower. I am just wondering if this is possible:

I would like to have a Cyclone CTM-1m connected to the access point of the central tower. Then have a SM on each of the remote sites connected to the central tower and run a cable from the sync port of the SM to the AP. In the case of one site we would like to add another access point very soon. Would we be able to use a SyncSplitter to split the sync from the SM to two APs?

If these towers are all in sync could we use the same frequency on them? There is 15km separation from the tower we would like to have two APs on and 12km on the other one.

I would like to know if I am going in the right direction or not.

I can supply additional information if required.

i have done this and it worked. make sure you have plenty of vertical separation cause mine would intermittently lock up sometimes till i moved them farther apart. Also i didnt use a sync splitter i just jumped out of the sm straight to the ap and recieved timing from master ap.

How ever i would recommend this just be for redundancy

Vertical separation from the SM and the APs? How much would you think is plenty? Do you think this would be a good setup or would you recommend something different.


you can do calculations based on the distance and size of the wavelength to give you best vertical seperation…

I dont have the formula at hand… ill see if i can find it

If the tower locations were all in sync would we be able to use the same frequency? (906) Would the setup I listed provide sync properly?

Can 3 locations in sync with at least 10km separation use the same frequency?

With 900’s if they are within 10 miles they will start to affect each other if they are not in sync.

If they are all in sync you should be able to re-use 906, but why?

Are 915 and 924 not available to you?

the cyclone GPS box is very overpriced, like everything else cascade/last mile gear sells. just go to and buy their syncpipe plus injector. it is the best way to go. you can even get a $5 serial cable with it to watch the GPS signal to verify that you are getting all satellites, at a fraction of the cost with cascade. no, i don’t work for but i use their gear on 8 different tower sites right now…

I was talking to somebody who was talking to a fellow at Motorola and they said that if a person was using a third party CMM (Syncinjector, Lastmilegear…) then if a competitor opened up and used a genuine Motorola CMM they would ‘have more priority’. Is this BS?


As long as it’s all Canopy compatible (in that it can work in an area with CMM’s) eveyone should be happy

i agree with jerry as long as it is a gps sync or a hardware sync of some kind the radio’s are just sending out and reciving to a heartbeat and in the gps case it come from the sky.

soft sched is just creating that heart beat via hardware / software