Canopy & SNMP

Dave Wilson wrote:

Canopy will not respond to SNMP version 1 messages. Make sure that you are sending V2c requests.

Try this...
SNMPMgr1.SNMPVersion = snmpverV2c

yea i am using 2c, i can pull data such as bandwidth, jitter, rssi etc, but i can not set data. I think I realize the problem that I, and everyone else is making with the canopy but.. When talking via SNMP, we need to talk with the AP, not SM, as the AP holds the data such as bandwidth, session count etc... every time the SM is rebooted it will loose its data such as Bandwidth.

I will post back on how i go with it.

SNMP set is possible with Canopy; PrizmEMS uses it to apply configuration changes.

What parameters are you trying to set? If it’s stuff that you’d do manually through the SM’s web interface, then SNMP to the SM should be possible.

Getting data from the AP, such as re-reg count, I currently do with web scraping, but version 8 makes that much more difficult. I’d definitely prefer an SNMP solution here.

At the moment I am trying to set the bandwidth (octets) to zero after writing their current value into a database.
I just realized that the value .ifInOctets is read only, so I guess I will not be able to use the mib “” (OID . that is why to successfully pull the data I will probably need to talk to the ap, rather than the sm which is not what I originally planned. I guess the good side of that is we will pick up any new connections to the network… cause we are reading a list from the ap, rather than a list that is preset in our databases.