Canopy Training in Tampa

Anyone going?

I’ll be there…

What’s the cost?

Contact Charles at for pricing information


Would LOVE to go… but I am going in the first QTR of 07 somewhere. Not in the budget right now. Wouldnt mind meeting you sometime, somewhere Jerry. I am located in Columbus, Ohio. We own 2 other Canopy companies, one being in Sedona Arizona.

I’ll look forward to meeting you at your training - I will likely be there.

I would love, er I need to go. I’m located in Ohio here. I’ve been looking at the times/places, hopefully they will be able to send me to a couple in the very near future.

Look forward to seeing you there. Be sure and introduce yourself. I will be the guy listening intently…


Jerry, just out of curiosity, which sessions are you teaching?

Since it’s my first time, it will be parts of 100 and 200. Don’t want to be tossed into the deep end just yet…

Jerry, are you going to be there for the full week. I am only attending the last session…

Mon through Weds