Canopy Training

Anyone know when the 2008 dates for the Canopy Training are going to be released? Thanks in advance.

is it really worth attending??

it is to some beginning technicians… I dont want to pay for it… but it is a good start… have any other suggestions?

you will learn more here than them.

i know that… I have been around canopy for about 4+ years now… I was just looking for something to send a new employee to so quickly break them into the Canopy world since I don’t have time to fully train them.

Have any of you actually been to the classes?

I am one of the contracted instructors of the classes and most of the students have been surprised at how much they learned especially from the advanced CPT300 class.

There has been no one that I know of that has gone to one of the classes and said they haven’t learned anything. It’s definately not just for Newbies.

You might learn a lot from the forums but it can take a LONG time of reading and following the forums to pick up all information you could get from the classes in a couple of days.

I think the most common phrase I hear from people who have spent the money to attend these official Motorola classes is that it was well worth the money spent and secondly that they have a lot more work to do to go back and apply all the knoweledge in their network.

If you have the means I would send your people out to it.

The schedule is on the web site, but let me know if you don’t find it.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions about the classes.

Actually it looks like the information for the training schedule in 2008 hasn’t been posted yet.

I’ll see what I can do to get that expedited so you all have the new schedule for this year…

Here is where it shows up on the site (but hasn’t been updated as of Jan 4, 2008 12:30pm):

I can’t really add anything to what Sterling said.

The bottom line is that time is cheaper than money. If you have the time to “learn on the fly” and try to work things out over a long period then you can save the money and live with the pain.

However, if you want to get your personnel up to speed in the shortest amount of time with the best possible information then training is a must.

The most successful companies are the ones that invest in their staff. Canopy training is a good investment.

Hi Jerry,

Last time you said that you will produce video for canopy installation. Is it still on schedule? :slight_smile:

I have it, it’s pretty rough and I am not particularly happy with the production quality.

It needs to be redone and that may be a while.

Monday - CPT100 Theory (1 day)
Tuesday - Wednesday - CPT200 Theory (1/2 day) Lab (1/2 day), Lab (1
Thursday - CPT300 or BPL200 Lab (1 day) or Lab (1/2 day)
Friday - CPT400 Lab (1 day)

1st Qtr
February 4 - 8, 2008 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas March 3 - 7, 2008 Schaumburg, Illinois

2nd Qtr
April 14 - 18, 2008 Syracuse, New York
May 5 - 9, 2008 Charlotte, North Carolina June 9 - 13, 2008 Schaumburg, Illinois

3rd Qtr
July 7 - 11, 2008 Red Deer, Alberta, Canada August 4 - 8, 2008 Schaumburg, Illinois September 8 - 12, 2008 Jacksonville, Florida

4th Qtr
October 6 - 10, 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada
November 3 - 7, 2008 Phoenix, Arizona
December 8 - 12, 2008 Schaumburg, Illinois

Nothing for Canada?..odd

July 7 - 11, 2008 Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Didn’t even see that…Thanks.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
I have it, it's pretty rough and I am not particularly happy with the production quality.

It needs to be redone and that may be a while.

I would like to see the video Jerry.