Canopy Visio Stencil

Hi Alls,

here is link for Canopy Stencil : … l.rar.html


Does anyone have any other stencils besides these? These would be very very helpful.

Great, it solves me many problems.
Thanks :smiley:

many thanks mrdlnf!

Anyone have a water tower stencil?

Does anyone have a copy of these still?

I would like to get hold of Visio stencils of Canopy as well!
Does anyone know?

Is that what you're looking for?

They will do! Thanks…

No problem…I’m not sure if those are the only ones or not…I seem to remember seeing better ones somewhere but those are all I had in my lists =x

ahh PowerPoint…I ain’t installing that. :slight_smile:

Install Open Office - it will run PPT files

Never thought of that…thanks Jerry.

Here are some good Canopy stencils I received from someone.