canopy vs alvarion

What are advantages of Canopy systems on 5.4 GHz over Alvarion BreezeAccess VL. Alvarion doesn’t need LOS, have bigger throughput and larger range. I have to convince my client that Canopy is better than Alvarion. I need your help and I need it VEEEEERY soon! Thanks in advance!

can u post here a link of that Alvarion? I guess its very easy to convince him, post info of that Alvarion so we can compare and so we’ll know the edge of Canopy over that Alvarion thingy.

Here are some characteristic of Alvarions equipment
I hope it was of some help :slight_smile:

I haven’t worked with BreezeAccess, but I’ve replaced a LOT of Breezecom stuff with Canopy due to moisture in the LMR lines that lead from the antennas to the AP. Not sure if that has changed much with BreezeAccess, though. I would also be wary of their NLOS claims…I would want some kind of guarantees regarding that. One more thing: the BreezeCom units were notoriously difficult to set up and configure… MUCH harder than Canopy, IMO.