Canopy vs PMP 430


We have been using Canopy for years and we are happy with them.
Now we plane to give coverage to a different island and we need to create our infrastructure from scratch.

Would you recommend stick with Canopy or should we move to the new PMP 430?
Could someone create a small pros/cons list?

Thank you in advance

Depends on your needs. Data capacity, distanecs, etc. Main difference is, that 430 can serve higher data rates on the same frequency bandwidth (20MHz for example as a FSK radios), so using the same frequency plan as with FSK you can get approx. 3x more data bandwidth. Even if you don´t actually need this, it´s good choice for the feature. Other fact is, that FSK Canopy radios are “on the end” with developing firmware etc. 430´s probably will give a new features by developing the fw. So, if you´re not critical with money or you don´t need to connect only small number of customers (where FSK will by satysfying solution), there´s no point, why not use 430´s.

Hope this will help.
Sorry about bad english.

Thank you very much

Does anyone know if the PMP 430 5.4 Ghz will be available and will the features be the same as the 5.8Ghz? (i.e. distance capabilities, bandwidth, etc…)

The rumors are that the FCC has stopped any 5.4 certifications for the near future while they figure out some nagging, ongoing interference issues with legacy equipment certified and in use that uses that range.

Paul, PDMNet