Hello everyone, can anyone tell me which one is better? Differences? Any comments are appreciated.

Regards to all

As soon as Proxim Rugged units goes to shop, it will make only few differences.
- Canopy can do more longer range (15+km)
- Proxim do higher thruput /cell or /site
- Proxim has no GPS sync
- Proxim can be used horizontally
- Canopy is lightweight while Proxim about 2-2.5kg
- Canopy seems cheaper than Proxim Rugged

I think the above covers most of differences.

Thanks wpeople.

PROXIM has GPS too. Multipoint series,but price is higher than AP&SM! I like Canopy

I have both brands and like both too.
All have it’s right place.
We compared the same price category!
If you talk about Proxim Multipoint (not mp11a!!!)
IT has gps sync, but it’s prise it more than 3x than Canopy.
but it delivers 3 speed than canopy (in multipoint environment) (it delivers 15+ mbps with 20mbps units and 40+ mbps with 60M units).
And it has an AIR base station, what has intelligent antenna with capablities of denying an incoming noise from specific angle! (it’s about 8000-10000$/base!!!)

Canopy provide more performance/price,
BH can provide 56Km,longer than Proxim MP:
Proxim MP
MP 20Mbps: 10Km;
60Mbps:5Km. New image maybe increase 1.5X cover range,as MP 20Mbps:15Km.

The last I think Canopy is more realiability than Proxim MP.

Proxim MP maybe provide more bandwidth.

In fact, proxim has other devices in portfolio for backhauling (from 10mbps to 480mbps) with or without E1/T1 ports.

I agree with reliablity (in case of multipoint environment).
Theorictically, proxim can do longer range/thruput.

While BH20 will loss or drop connection on significant attenuation (instead of switch the modulation back to 10mbps), proxim has better sensitivity, can can switch back from 36mbps to 24/18/12/9/6 mbps.
Yes, motorola has better C/I ratio (3dB), but you have to have -76dB or better signal, or your transfer will be unreliable.

According to the calculations with MP11a you can do a 30mile link (with 17.5dB output at unit, 3foot cable, 3foot dish - about 50dB - same as BH’s EIRP)
with 99.8% reliability and 17dB fade margin at 36mbps - 24mbps thruput,
99.94% reliability and 20dB fade margin at 24mbps - 18mbps thruput(?)
,99.97% reliability and 25dB fade margin at 18mbps - 14mbps thruput
and dont forget! it can downgrade to 6mbps, and will have 99,98926%
reliability (1hour/year)

If you are allowed to use 36dB antennas, you will have 99.9%@36mbps (on 30miles) while 99,9948%@6mbps!!!

I can see some other advantages of proxim: you (can) have 2 connectors, and can use cross polarized antennas (in case of high interference)
On the other side, canopy has AGC to compensate that…