Canopy vs Trango

We are currently looking to deploy a wireless service initially focussed on the rural areas in some Canadian Provinces. We are on the verge of purchasing equipment and have narrowed the possibilities down to using Canopy or Trango hardware. I would be interested in hearing the pros and cons that any users are aware of for either system. particularily if you have had experience with both.

For context we are looking at deploying broadband internet access, and quickly moving into VoIP where latency is an issue. Also we expect that the backbone will consist of internet satellite service

Hey there, no experience with Trango, so nothing to say there.

But on the issue of VOIP, Satellite Internet is not going to do it.

VOIP is unlike any other Internet protocol, it demands flawless connections and low latency. You won’t get that with satellite. VOIP is the hardest thing to make work, and will require a healthy terrestrial link that has good bandwidth in both directions.

VOIP ends up with a lot of latency when you have a good network. Satellite will double or triple the voip latency, if that is all it does, it can still make voip undesirable. Voip is a “real-time” service, and late packets are lost. Satellite links can have a lot of late packets.

You should try it all out before deciding it is impossible, but I wanted you to have the right expectations with regard to how your desired network might function.

I am an engineer with experience designing telephony products as well as other things such as voip. My options are extreme, some people might think it is ok for voip to be lower quality than cell phones, and might find lower performance ok. I still think you will hhave problems with satellite, but you should try it out.

amen brotha,

he is right, Satellite Internet is terrible, latency is rediculous. I would not plan on using any high priority traffic over a satellite link, you will be dissapointed.

i also have no Trango experience, only Canopy, WMUX, Axxcelera, Lucent, and the like, but have heard that Trango is good. I like canopy in just about every instances other than a few minor annoyances. as long as you plan your network ahead of time, and follow the “rules” you will be good.

georgew wrote:

But on the issue of VOIP, Satellite Internet is not going to do it.

VOIP is unlike any other Internet protocol, it demands flawless connections and low latency. You won't get that with satellite. [...]

Off-topic for a Canopy discussion, but I've been running VoIP over satellite since 1999, and providing toll-quality voice to our users. There's an inavoidable ~500 mSec RF propagation delay getting to/from the bird, but our total delay is less than that of a DMS-* CAS T1 channel over satellite. Our specific methodology is proprietary, but our customers like it...

sorry to bring this topic up again.

last time i saw in wireless expo, their new wireless gear has new option that can change the polarity from horizontal to vertical (software switchable)

Rightnow we want to expand our coverage, and thinking of trangobroadband ( ) as an alternative.

and they put big icon of “Made in the U.S.A”

any 2 cents?



I’m hip deep in Canopy but I’d take a long, hard look at Trango these days. Motorola/Canopy group doesn’t seem to give a damn about its customers unless they have $1B or more to spend. Trango seems to care plenty.

I used to work for WorldWithoutWire / Terago a while back. We used alot of different gear. Trango, Tranzeo, Canopy, Lucent, Axxcelera, Redline.

Out of all of them I’d have to say that Canopy was indeed the best for the buck. Although Trango’s stuff was also very very impressive. We had a 35km link working great with the Trango radios using 2’ external antennas.

But if you want a ROCK SOLID backbone…take a good look at Redline.
A little expensive but well worth it.