Canopy vs. Tsunami MP.11

Does somebody have experience with Proxim Tsunami MP.11. How it will preform within dense Canopy network? How about the data rates? Does it delivers 24 mbps per sector as they promise?

Are you using the 2.4 Mhz frequency on the Canopy and the MP.11’s?

We are using 5.4 - 5.7 Ghz. I will try this eventually but it’s the field experience that I want to know, the frequency doesn’t matter.

Mp11 works very nice, short distances and low noise.
canopy works better(for me)

What kind of traffic are you plannig plannig to push?

I guess I missed something there.

I thought you wanted to know if the two different manufactures would interfere with each other while operating on the same frequency.

Our Tsnami radio’s are 2.4 and our Canopy 900. The two work very well. The MP.11’s are very solid platforms, but moinavery is correct. LOS is required and and we had problems outside of 1/2 mile. For point to point 11Mbs or higher I would reccomend them for short distances.

Our twenty or so Tsnami’s have been up for over 4 years without problems.

For point to multi-point we use Canopy only.

erkan said:

How it will preform within dense Canopy network?

How The frequency does matter. If you try running any non 2.4 system along with a 2.4 Canopy system you are going to have problems.

If you are running 5.7 and light up a 2.4 system the two will be able to operate together as well as they can in the given environment.

With that said, I do not have any experience with Proxim MP.11. As with most WiMax-type products they will use alot of spectrum and have the highest EIRP possible increasing the noise floor. You would want to keep these out of your Canopy RF spectrum.

Our Company have problems with Moto, not delivering the goods on time. So this should be deployed on locations were we don’t have Canopy coverage. If it does deliver greater troughoutput and works good in areas were we have Canopy we can deploy it there also, not on the same towers.

In the beggining we started with Alvarion BreezeCom at 2.4 Ghz. This platform was inferior to Canopy, and Canopy worked on the same tower with the interference from Alvarion. In my experience the Canopy is very resistant to interference. We still have one 2.4 and one 5.7 P8 APs working in most dense part of the city. Few clients, nobody complains. And you can’t imagine what is happening on 2.4, nobody respects the regulations, grid antennas all over the place…

We are looking at good replacement for Canopy. I don’t think that we will find adequate replacement considering price/performance, but I got to do my job e do the testing. So Tsunami only on 2 miles? Even with the external antennas?