Canopy WISP Coalition

I would like to form a Canopy WISP coalition. I would be willing to administer it.

How it would benefit you:
1. Combined purchasing power would give us negotiating position with distributors.

2. High enough quantities allow us to buy from upstream vendors. We would pay what the distributors pay.

3. All radios would be shipped to our warehouse, and shipped to you directly. When buying 100 packs there is no drop-ship.

4. Possible negotiation with leasing company to allow leasing of the equipment. This would allow you to free up cash for marketing, hiring sales people, installers, servers, routers, or that trip you have been planning.

5. Depending on the size of the coalition, group health benefits.

6. Other benefits I have not thought of yet.

If you are interested, email me off line at

Sounds like a U.S. only thing? Remember, Canopy is worldwide, and so is this forum… :wink:

sounds like a great idea

Info-Ed Inc.

This was an idea that had been forming in my head for a while, but it has been done successfully in other industries.

I don’t see why we couldn’t make it international. Certainly Canada would be no problem.

I would need to understand how folks in other countries are buying now, and what they are paying per unit including any import fees, duties, tarriffs, graft, etc.

Sounds like a Great Idea!! :lol:

A big project lots of time invested, storage, inventory control, Shipping and lots of money.

sounds good…i also have a 40 ft storage unit in california if your warehouse ever gets full…i always wanted to ask the question of purchasing kits of 100,500,or maybe even 1000 with multiple people at a better price…this would be great for smaller companys that couldnt afford to float a 100pack worth of inventory untill they sold.

if you would like any help please email me

How many of you are ACSP’s? We are, and buy from distributors, ie; Tessco, Electro-Comm, ComStor… who buy from Motorola. I would love to combine purchasing power with other Canopy operators and be able to move up a level in purchasing discounts.

the way i understand it we would have to buy a certain amount and meet a quota per quarter or so. So if things got slow and we didn’t meet that quota we could loose our dealership thats why we would need a good size coalition to meet there minium.

unless things get better i would only be good for 25 lot every month or two.

Info-Ed Inc.

same here. but, get 10+ people up for this with 20 modules/month, and quota should be easy to meet. Great Idea Jerry. I use a mixed Motorola/Mikrotik environment mainly because Moto gear is to pricey. If I could get them more affordably, i would definately buy more of them.

We buy 50-100 modules a month, currently out of another ISP which is also selling to ISPs in Ontario. If we could get our price down another 20% or more, we’d certainly be in.

im putting in near 100k a year just for my new customers…we are near what we would figure maxing out this area…5000 homes and already near 1000 customers…not sure what else to expect. but we plan on expanding to many other areas…i could only imagine spending at least a 100k a yr if not more.

Count me in!!!
I am an ACSP and I am located in Colombia.
I have no problem receiving the SM’s in Miami and I will take care of the importing.

Count me in


I’m in… 100-150 SM’s per month