Can't access canopy radios via any more.

I'm not sure which firmware update broke this function but since the beginning of the Canopy line we have been able to access them via regardless of how the radio was configured.   Until about six months go we was running v11.something  on all the canopy radios  but started upgrading and are now using 13.4.1 on everything.  

A while back I noticed that after getting a radio configured I could no longer access it via the . We configure the radios for NAT / DHCP with an IP of  (DHCP lease of 50 starting at .50)   and we configure a separate management interface/IP (normally 10.10.#.#) .  Once configured, even though the PC I am using is still set with on it I can no longer access the radio at  To access it I either have to configure my PC with a 10.10. address and access the radio via the management interface IP or set my PC to access DHCP and then access the radio at the  address.   

I didn't mess with it much for a  few months thinking it was some windows weirdness or chrome. However the installers mentioned they could no longer access the radios via  and when I tried different PC's here at the office and different browsers I figured out that once the radios are given a LAN IP address they can no longer be accessed via the 169 address.

Was this intentional ?   We only just started using 450i stuff and I'm not sure if this is a problem with it also (using the newest firmware) but I know the ePMP gear we use does not have this problem, you can access it via regardless of how it is configured just like the Canopy gear use to be.

On ePMP, yes, the ethernet port always has as a secondary address. But I'm not aware of Canopy ever working like that. The default IP has always been, but after you configure, it's gone. The only time that you'd be able to access a Canopy radio at while non-default config exists is by using the default plug.

Probably wouldn't be a bad idea for future Canopy releases to operate like ePMP with always accessible via ethernet. Open a feature request if you want it.

You can't access 450i using IP /16 if you assign a different LAN IP to it. Here are some ways of accessing the device if you are locked out:

  • If you know the IP and subnet you can change your LAN adapter settings on you computer to access directly using the known IP address
  • If you don't know the IP and subnet, you can use a reset plug and access it via /16