Can't access PMP 100 AP-DES and SM-DES

I have a problem with my PMP 100 AP-DES and SM-DES. I can't access since I change Mgmt VID from 1 to 10.  What is the solution to hard reset the unit?  Thanks...


You have to use the default reset plug. It is an RJ11 (6 pins) with pins 4 and 6 shorted (connected). Plug it in the auxilary (timing) port of the antenna, then power the antenna up and access it with the default IP and change or remove the Vlan configured parameters.

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See this Knowledge Base article for the wiring diagram of the default plug.

Or get a switch and or router and put your computer on vlan 10 and then IP yourself in that subnet and get at it that way.

Or... if you have a Apple Macbook (anything with OSX and an ethernet port) you can add a virtual interface which is tagged with whatever vlan you which. Put an IP in that range of the AP and boom, you got access.

Just FYI the VLAN Tag capability is even available in Windows Systems as well. But your LAN card of PC (NIC card of PC)should have  the capability to Tag VLAN id. Just enter VLAN number under properties of LAN card and done.You can access your PMP100 because both PC and radio are in same VLAN10.

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