Can't access webconsole on R190W after firmware upgrade

Last evening,I decided to upgrade to the firmware on my R190W from 4.3.3 to 4.4.2.R2.  After the router rebooted, all network traffic worked fine, however I can't manage the device via http/https.  I can access via sshd and after looking at the output from "ps -ef", I don't see an httpd process running on the device (output attached).  Any idea what is going on here?  I haven't hard reset the device yet; help is appreciated.

Hi ,

We use go ahead for https/http login , from image you have shared i see all 4 goahead processes are running .

Try mnual reboot of your device , if that doesn't help , Please raise a support ticket  . 



I did reboot the device and nothing has changed; I'll open a ticket.