Cant connect via bridge mode

Hello everyone!

2 routerboards (Mikrotik1 and Mikrotik2) connected via tunnel.

epmp 1000 connected to the Mikrotik 2.

then i connect to the Mikrotik 2 i can login to the epmp1000,

and i cant login to the empm then i conneted via  Mikrotik 1

Mikrotik 1 and Mikrotik 2 have a link

epmp is ajusted on static ip and bridge mode

ps: i can connect on the similar plan then i use other hardware with similar settings

Sorry for my English, regards Mikhail

Hello Mikhail,

You do not specify which ePMP (AP or SM) is connected to what MT router, so I'm assuming that the issue could be related to that fact that access to the management GUI for the AP is not allowed from the SM side unless the "Management Access" setting in the AP is set to "Ethernet and Wireless". You will find that setting under Configuration->Network page in the AP.



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Bridge is available only in SM mode and i use it. In SM option "managment access" is not available

Tomorrow i'll try tswitch to AP mode and change  management access to ethernet and wirless but i dont use wirless now and think it won't help. Maybe you will have still ideas? thanks

Today i change settings according to your advice but it didn't help.

I don't understand why can't connect to epmp via MT but i see all mac addresses in my network (monitor-network-bridge table)

Hello Mikhail,

Do you actually have two ePMP devices in your setup, as shown below?

       Mikrotik1 ----------- ePMP --------- ePMP -------- Mikrotik2

If you do, which ePMP is configured in AP mode and which one is configured in SM mode?

If the picture above does NOT reflect your setup, can you describe with a picture as above what your setup looks like? That would help me understand better.



Hello, Luis!

Mikrotik1 --------tunel----- Mikrotik2-------bridge-------EPMP (SM ,bridge, static ip)

Mikrotik1-Mikrotik2- have link

Mikrotik2-EPMP - have link

Mikrotik1-EPMP - has no link

EPMP see all mac addresses my network in bridge  table

Hello Mikhail,

OK, thanks, that helps. So you must be using ePMP as a SM in Standard WiFi mode, connecting wirelessly to MikroTik2, correct? Since you can access ePMP from MikroTik2, it looks your wireless link configuration between ePMP and MikroTik2 is correct. All I can suggest is to use any capturing capabilities in the MikroTik routers to determine if the traffic is been routed properly or if it is getting dropped somewhere before it reaches ePMP. ePMP also provides the capability to capture traffic using CLI. ePMP CLI is accessible using ssh with credentials admin/admin.

* ePMP1000 command line interface *

Acme Inc> ?
config              Configuration manipulations
exit                  Exit this CLI session
history            Display the current session's command line history
linktest           Wireless link test
passwd          Change password
ping                Ping
reboot            Rebooth the unit
show              Show device information
snmp              SNMP commands
tcpdump        capture packets flowing in and out of the device
traceroute     TraceRoute

Acme Inc>
Acme Inc>tcpdump ?
delete                                delete captured files
dump                                 capture the flow to pcap file
show                                  show captured files
command parameters     enter standard tcpdump parameters remembering to add double quotes if the syntax contains spaces

Acme Inc>

That may be my problem as well, I'm sure I didn't check that box before I connected my PTP bridges.

I can access the SM, but I'm unable to access the AP.

Is there a way via SSH to modify this setting?

I can access my AP via SSH and login, just not via the web interface.

Worst case I'll just have to reset it.

Thanks for the assistance,


Hello Ryo,

Unfortunately it looks like this parameter is not accessible via CLI (SSH) or SNMP, only AP GUI.