Can't enable eth2 on e600 on 4.x firmware

got the issues on fw 4.x.x (tried all the fw in this number). Can’t enable the eth2

Hi @slayerette
Eth2 is enabled by default on the E600 AP.
You can connect a computer to the Eth2 port using an Ethernet cable to verify the connectivity.
If you need more help on this, please elaborate on the issue you are facing with the Eth2 port.

Additionally, you can create a support ticket with the tech dump file attached and share the ticket number here.

So it just Data port and cannot power up any equipment?

Hi @slayerette
That’s correct; the Eth2 port on an E600 AP is just a data port. It cannot power up any PoE devices.

In case if E600 connected as Mesh client. Can we connect any device on eth2 and get IP address for i.e like PC or IPTV .

Hi @sajid_Khan
Yes, you can get the IP address from the Eth2 port of the E600 AP connected as a mesh client.

Not Getting IP on ETH2, Wifi Client connected to it getting IP. Even if i configure static IP on wire client connected on ETH2, they are not ping local or public network.