Can't Find 5700BH20 on network

I recently was hired by the company I am working for, small non-profit. We are experiencing dropped packets between two Canopy 5700BH20. I have replaced the power injectors which did not help, but for the life of me, I can not find the address for these devices anywhere, written or scanned. I have tried the default, scanned this range and numerous other ranges as well, looked in my routers arp table. Two of our DC’s went down shortly after my arrival, so if there were Motorola software on them, it is lost and I don’t seem to have the original materials for them.

Can anyone tell my how I may be able to find the address to one of these devices? Scanners, Cisco router commands, Netbios, scripts, something please. We are primarily a Windows Domain with Cisco routers and switches, if this helps.

Thank you in advance.

If you can gain physical access to the BH radios (rather than just the POE) then you can use a default cable to gain access. (Default cable is an RJ-11 plug, 6-wires, with pins 4 and 6 shorted together, the rest left alone) Plug the default cable into the bottom of the BH radio (timing port, not ethernet port), reset the power, and once it powers back on it will be in default mode, reachable at with no password. (radio link will NOT come up, only reachable over ethernet) Go into IP config and see what IP it’s set for, then remove default cable and reboot again. Chances are the partner radio IP address is one higher or lower, but if you still can’t find it you can do the default plug routine on the second unit.


Awesome. Thanks newkirk.