Cant find any ap: eforce 180

I have an eforce 180 which have been working for quite some time now without any issues…but lately it stays on looking for signal…when I tried to log in to its interface…I couldn’t… after many tries I was able to log in but everything appears as if it was resseted by itself…I tried to connect it back to the tower but it wont find the ap…on frequency scanning says : hold off. Can you please guide me on the steps necessary to proper configure it so that can connect back to the tower? And as to why it wont detect available aps? Thank you…

Hello Sir,

in configuring the Force 180, select the frequency of the AP on the Force 180, add the SSID+preshared key, select the right channel width (20 or 40 MHz) and try to connect.

Sincerely yours,