Can't Port Forward 443

Trying to port forward 443 and I recive the error below. The antenna's public port is set to 80 so as not to lose access.

443 is the default port for HTTPS access and hence cannot be used for data port forwarding. Change the HTTPS port (under Configuration->System) to something else if you would like to use 443 for data port forwarding.

Sri, Thought of that :) I changed and applied the antenna to port 80 see attached photo, still get the error.

uh uh uh.jpg

Please switch to HTTPS under web access, change the port to something other than 443, switch back to HTTP (since you want to use HTTP) and hit Save. Oh, undo all the data port forwarding changes before you do all this so it lets you save.

To bad just not having https enabled would let you use port 443.

Thank you for the work around,

I bow to my Sensei

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Haha :slight_smile:

We prevent 443 even if HTTPS is disabled because we wanted to avoid a situation where the user switches to HTTPS at a later time and don’t even realize that port is being used for data port forwarding.

That said, I can see that it is not obvious to the user, so we’ll add some help text or warning message to make it easier.

Glad you are now unblocked and rocking! :slight_smile:

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