Can't power up ePMP Force 200

Hello guys! Can’t power up ePMP Force 200 by Moxa INJ 24-A injector. I changed polarity in cable (4,5-7,8) but device not indicates power.
ePMP 1000 connectorized radio is working good with same cable and injector. Where can be problem?

First things first… does it power up with the supplied Cambium power supply? I assume so, but just to be sure you’re not chasing ghosts on a broken radio. :slight_smile:


Yes, you are right! Device with Cambium power supply working OK, the issue is only with Moxa injector.

On injector I can see blinking indicator that means "PoE standart detection failure".

And you have the Moxa's dip switches set to Mode B, and not Mode A, correct?  
And also - this is a passive version of the Moxa, right? It isn't the 802.3af/at version, correct?
And last question I can think of - your Force200, is that the 2.4Ghz version or the 5Ghz version of the Force200?

Yes, dip swtches in ModeB and this Moxa INJ-24A supports 802.3at/af standards.
Force200 5GHz.

Ok, well I dont have Moxa experience, but my guess would be that this…

“PoE standard detection failure”

…probably means that it’s trying to detect an 802.3af/at device, and the Force200’s are passive devices. So, when it fails to detect 802.3af it’ll therefore refuse to produce power.


F200 voltage range is from 12 to 30V while connectorized radio with sync supports 48-56V that is similar to 802.3af/at. I am sorry, but F200 will not work from 802.3af/at power supply.



Hello guys!

Thank you for your feedback!

When I connected passive injector 24VDC, device started nomally!