Can't reach Etherwan switch (EX72129A)

Hi to all of you,

I'm pretty sure someone out there can help me on this.

I started configering mentioned switch today. First I did, I added a VLAN, means I shlould have to VLAN on the system right now. One I left on VLAN 1 (default) for the factory IP and I configered a second one on VLAN 104 for the actual project.

After all other setting done, I rebooted. After the reboot I was still able to connect via the Web manager. So I started to configered the Power for the ports and so on. When I came to configer the VLAN, by mistake I set the VLAN 1 (default factory IP) also to VLAN 104. Rebooted again and I was and I'm not able to reach the switch again. Not via Ethernet nor via COMport (Telnet)

Thank for help guys


Guys listen, I was able to fix this issue. I was able to go through the com port (lucky I found a PC with COM port too). Now its working fine again. Thanks Chris