Can't seem to get 450m AP and Subscriber to link in Linkplanner, no matter distance or power.

I must be doing something wrong when creating a hub, adding 450m APs and then adding SM's to connect to said AP. I keep getting "SM cannot connect as receive power from AP beacons is too low. 
AP power right now as far as I can tell is maxed out under "Other" Country at 48dbm.
Any suggestions people?

Have you defined your SM radio and antenna type? Are your SM's in the 450m's coverage area? Have you set your AP and SM height to be high enough to get over any earth obstructions or the clutter data (which is on by default BTW)?

SM's that are either obstructed, or outside of the AP's coverage area will get this error... here's an example:

Hi Sam,

When the PMP 450m AP tries to connect to the SM it broadcasts with the Sector mode EIRP limit, which is lower than the limit when it is in the Mu-MIMO operating mode. If the fade margin drops to 0 dB then the SM is unable to connect and you see this warning.

As Eric suggested, you should check the location and configuration of the equipment in LINKPlanner and also verify that the profiles accurately represent the area.