Can't sync

Hello. I get this error message when I try to sync my switch
Not In Sync

Sync Configuration

Configuration failed: fsRadExtDynAuthorClientEntry index 0 Failed to create row (SNMP_ERR_INCONSISTENT_NAME)

Hi @Par_Hellstrom,
Could you please upgrade software to latest release build and perform sync.


from what I can see, I have the latest one that is recommended.

// Pär

Hi @Par_Hellstrom,
5.0-r5 is the latest released version. Could you please try upgrading one device and let us know the status.



The config sync failure is due to the invalid setting in the switch group’s Security. Please remove the highlighted fields as shown below and push the config sync again. These fields are populated by the browser’s password auto-fill. We are investigating a way to prevent the browser from filling in the values automatically. Meanwhile, you can also disable the browser’s setting.


Thank you very much! That solved the problem. Once again thanks.