Can't Upgrade ePMP to 4.5.6

We just tried to upgrade some ePMP radios from cnMaestro from 4.5.5 to 4.5.6 and 2 out of 7 worked. The rest got this message “SW update file download failed”.

Tried twice more on the remaining 5 and got the same message.

Tried using the pkg3 file in CNUT and that failed as well. Any suggestions?

Could you please try to perform upgrade via GUI?
What radios are affected? F300?F180/200?

Thank you

We are seeing this pretty much across the board now.
A while back we needed to do a version downgrade and had the issue where the new version put the ACS option into the radio config so we had to edit the config files to allow the downgrade.

bringing anything f100/200 to 4.5.6 was problematic. will not upgrade at all through maestro. the manual load tosses an error just before finishing that the memory is full but it completes.

Now it appears none of the 4.5.6 f100/200 will upgrade via maestro

sw-upgrader[10906]: SW_UPD: main: sw-upgrader - error!
DEVICE-AGENT[10895]: do_sw_update: sw_update failed status=0 new_status 0,
DEVICE-AGENT[10895]: do_sw_update: SW upgrade failed due to reason code 1

Not enough space in device memory. Starting to perform a cleaning procedure. In a case of an unsuccessful upgrade, please restart the device and try again.

That is the log message when doing a manual upgrade (which does work)

If it is a memory capacity issue, is there a way to trigger the cleaning procedure from maestro prior to the upgrade?

You can just do radios reboot prior to performing a mass upgrade.
Unfortunately, the is no option in cnMaestro for the mass reboot.

Thank you.

reboot doesnt resolve that.
You can do mass reboot in Inventory when you have the radios selected under the Actions drop down menu.
What are other resolution options for mass upgrading firmware? We have hundreds of 1000 and 2000 radios to update. it looks like the 300s dont have this problem. It appears to have begun after the introduction of ACS

is this something we need to open a support ticket on?

Skip 4.5.6 and go straight to

There was an issue with the 4.5 and upgrading that required a reboot prior to upgrade to clear the temporary memory. We havent seen this since 4.6.0

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we are seeing it across the board now, looks like no 100/200 will update via cnmaestro

This sounds like a cnMaestro issue.

Are you using on-prem or cambium cloud? If on-prem, create a new vm, import your network and swap ip addresses to cut over.
If cloud, raise a support ticket.

we have a support ticket open now. its cloud hosted, impacts everything pre 300