Captive/Guest Portal Update in cnMaestro for cnPilot E

Hi Everyone,

We are doing maintenance activity on our servers to fix an issue where guest portal login was not working on MAC book Pro.

If you see the below notification on the cnMaestro homepage, then please follow the steps and re-save your splash page again on each portal you created along with social/payment gateway return URL in your account.


Enhancements to the cnMaestro hosted Guest Portal feature in this release require action from you if you use the social login or payment gateway features. Existing guest portals will continue to work until the 31st of March 2018 or until the next time you make a change to your guest portal splash page. Prior to that date, please hit save on the guest portal splash page and update your external social login applications or payment gateway.
- Update your social login apps and payment gateway configuration with the new guest portal hostname value
- In addition, if you are using a payment gateway, update the Auto Return URL / Callback URL setting in your payment gateway configuration
These values are displayed in the Guest Portal settings under Access Control. The Guest Portal Hostname can be viewed in the ‘Free’ tab. The Auto Return URL / Callback URL value to use can be viewed under the ‘Paid’ tab.




Please update each of your cnMaestro guest portal by re-saving the splash page and make changes to your social/payment account with new DNS mentioned when you go to access control tab.


The service will stop working from March 1st, 2019.