Captive portal and iPhones


My client reports that he tried 9 iPhones and very rarely he can connect to captive portal (guest network) SSID.. 

He does not get captive portal page in 95% of cases. He gets the message: Unable to join the network.

He reports that android devices are working.

I didn't check it myself. 

Is this possible. If he is right, what could cause such a behaviour? DHCP server is running on main router and AP also gets it's IP by that router.

BR, Bojan

Embedded browser login or automatic login does not  open on Apple Phones  when few Apple websites (like are whitelisted . Could you please send us the tech-support file of AP  to so that we can debug further 

Are you using cnMaestro cloud based captive portal or AP onboard captive portal or AP integrated with some external captive portal? Also details on the iphone model and OS version will also help us to replicate the issue locally. Based on the message seen on iphone it looks like that iphone is having WiFi connectivity issue with the AP. If you are using cnMaestro cloud then please send us an invite to the account along with the AP on which the issue is seen so that we can do some live debugging on it.

I will send a separate message with other details.

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Seeing similar issues. Even when checking 'Bypass Captive Portal Detection' iphones in my office connect to the SSID then when the user opens a web browser it spins. The only way to be presented with the captive portal is to enter a url that the phone hasn't visited.

This solution is becoming unusable.

Hi Mahaska,

I have sent you a private message for information on inviting me to your account. We will cross validate this on our end with various IOS devices and with latest IOS firmware and try to recreate this issue. Once I have access to your account I will be able to analyze better your network and see if IOS devices are roaming between guest and non guest network, etc. IOS devices tend to use the DNS entries in it's DNS cache beyond the DNS expiry time and lot of time don't send a DNS query out which also matches with your observation on trying a new website on which it starts working. AP tends to cache the DNS to IP mapping for a longer timer to take care of these cases. If you are running on premesis version of cnMaestro then please email me the techsupport from the AP. 

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Same here.
Is this solved?

Hi, everyone, I’m new with cnpilot and cnmaestro,

i am having problems with iphone and ipad.
iphone establishes the wireless connection but the captive portal does not appear

all the rest works from PC windows PC Apple, Android mobile devices.

sorry for english i am using google translator



Could you please share more details on type of CAPTIVE portal services, you are looking for?

You can email me at