Captive Portal and Users, help me to understand


I'm working on a little network with some cnPilot E4xx and E6xx.
In this network I have a wlan with user and password and I'm testing a portal with vouchers' access. Now, what I thought was the best way to manage these vouchers was creating a account to a non tech person, just to create/manage vouchers.
It seems it's not possbile, a user to manage vouchers must be Administrator, but an Administrator user could destroy the network if he's not a tech.
Am I wrong?

How Cambium see this scenario? Shoud I (tech and administrator) create vouchers?
I think we should be able to have a user (maby a receptionits at an event) whom can create/delete/manage vouchers, but unable to modify/interact with the network.
BTW, I tried Concierge, it's ok, but you have to access with your administrator role too.

Thank you

It is my understanding that only Admin accounts can create / modify vouchers but they can export them (via PDF or CSV) for distrubtion by others.

I think the logic here is that this system could be abused, for example someone could create a 100 day pass for a personal device not normally allowed. So keeping this feature limited to trusted admistionatiors helps maintain an element of control.

That said it could be useful to have a non-admin user generate a voucher from an exsisting plan already approved by an administrator.

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I guess what we need is a "portal operator" role, with "only management of one or more portals.