Captive Portal certificate error

Hi All,

We are trying to implement 3rd party captive portal using Cambium APs. Looking for a solution for certification warning when client tries to send a message to the AP on port 880. Anyone found solution for that?

No https on exterlan portal/
Thats all

Thanks for your reply.

Agree. I was wondering if there is a way to move the traffic over https and redirect to the domain with certificate. Would that work or potentially it still would ask be presenting with warning messages?

Try add as redirect host.

Hi @Piotr_Charkiewicz

Are you having a cnMaestro or cnMaestro X license?

@vku200 cnMaestro, cloud version

Hi @Piotr_Charkiewicz
I thought of suggesting an API but that is available only in cnMaestro X.