Captive portal - client roaming question


If a client connects to AP-1 with click-through captive portal, is it possible to transfer that information to AP-2 and user don't have to relogin on AP-2's click-through captive portal again?

Thank you.

Regards, Bojan


If the two AP are in the same subnet then it will work and user don't have to relogin on AP-2. AP sends client sync messages over layer two multicast and client will roam between them. If you have AP across different subnet then you might want to check out our latest cnMaestro based Guest Portal solution where everything is managed at cnMaestro and will support roaming across different subnets.



Thank you, Kunal

What its gonna be if the ap in on the same subnet (vlan 1) but the users traffic is on other (vlan 10). To be more specific the vlan 10 is a nat enable vlan and the port of ap is on access type (only vlan 1 is allowed). Roaming it will work on this scennario ?

Roaming won't work in the above mentioned scenario.

If you want to use multiple Vlan support in your network below is the set up 

AP & Switch Configuration :                                                                                                                         

1) Configure L3 interfaces for those VLANs that you want. Suppose 10, 20 , 30 VLANs

2) Configure dhcp  pool for those VLANs(10,20,30) on AP1

3) Configure eth1 as trunk port and allow VLANs(10,20,30) on it.

4) If you have L2/L3 switch then you can configure your switch to do intervlan routing

5) Configure trunk port in switch and allow VLANs there as well. 

Switch (manage switch which supports mutiple vlan)-----AP1(Running DHCP server for 10,20,30 VLAN's  )                                                                                                 |-----AP2(Only WLAN profiles are configured same as in AP1)