Captive Portal configuration

-How to configuration Captive Portal and ticketing on the on e510 or e700.
-How make sure the configurations done on the cnMaestro and adopted y the deviice.

I have tried but if is synchronizing the access point will disconnect from the cnMaestro and go offline and never go online until or unless you reset the e510 again.

please help.

If a cnPilot Enterprise AP loses connectivity to cnMaestro after a configuration sync it should automatically roll back the configuration after 10-15 minutes in order to connect again.

I recommend reviewing the network settings in the AP Group to verify that they are correct. Also check the device level overrides in the device’s Configuration tab in the dashboard. By default some of the network settings are read from the device and set as overrides in order to not change critical connectivity settings. This is enabled with the “Auto-set from device” checkbox by default.

If those existing device settings would conflict with the AP Group settings they you may need to disable this setting and possibly also set up device overrides.