Captive Portal Reauthentication Issue

I’m having an ongoing issue with our network setup, specifically with our Captive Portal for guest access. When guests try to access our WiFi, they have to log in at the splash page. However, the problem is that the splash page keeps reappearing, and guests are asked to enter their credentials multiple times. This happens especially when they move between different access points or if they’ve connected to another SSID and then try to reconnect to the guest WiFi.

I tried setting the Renewal Frequency and Session Duration to 365 days as a test, but the problem still persists. All access points are on the same subnet/vlan as well as the guest users’ traffic.

Do any of you have any tips to troubleshoot this issue?

We are using 9x cnPilot e410 (fw: 4.2-r15) and an on-prem cnMaestro (Version: 3.2.0-r5)

First of all update fimware it is very very old and it was not special good version.

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Thank you for the reply. I noticed that I had only one AP running 4.2-r15, and the rest are running I have now updated the AP with the old firmware to as well. However, the problem still persists.