Cat 5 Cable

I’m sure you guys know the best cable to use for external installs? I live in a tropical climate so the tougher the better.

It has been discussed before here…

For CPE installs I use grey cmx from Belden

For AP installs and anywhere I need better RF protection on the cat5 line, I use STP CMX Belden.

Tough Stuff = Supirior Essex Shielded Cat5e. It’s a double jacket. You just have to find a decent way of sealing the outer jacket after you cut it back to put on an end. I feel it’s the best cable on the market.

Yeah that stuff works great too!

Another of my absolute favorite cables are the Teldor cables.

They are double rubber jacket, foil screened with a drain wire.

Best STP I have ever worked with for wisp use. Alvarion ships it with their products.

Thanks guys.

I really appreciate you taking the time to share.

regards from sunny, rainy violent Lagos!!