cat 5 with messenger

does anyone know where to get some cat5e wire with the messenger cable so i can string it from a pole to the corner of a house for instance.
Its has the extra wire on the side for hanging alot like rg6 coax does for like a cable company.

Info-Ed Inc.

Just get some Aircraft cable 1/8 or will work just fine. Put a hitching ring on the building and use some wire-rope clips to secure the aircraft cable to the tower and to the hitching ring. Works like a charm and will support more cable then you’ll ever need. You can purchase all that you need at The Home Depot or at BRAFASCO. If you are in the US check your nearest Building supply store. Lowes or whatever it is.

Or Check with Superior Essex, ANIXTER, BELDEN or TEXCAN…One of them might have something.