CAUTION: Release Updates forthcoming for PMP 450 Platform

An issue was uncovered with R21.1.0.1 and R22.0 where a 450b radio could get stuck in a rolling reboot. This can occur when older software ( or earlier) is upgraded directly to one of these releases and is a regionalized PTP-capable variant (i.e. an FCC, ISED or EU sales model ending in “B0xxA”). If a radio enters this state, it is possible to recover using the recovery mode and downgrading the software.

Note: If you have upgraded any radios already and they don’t exhibit this issue, you may continue to operate using these releases.

We have pulled down these releases to avoid further issues, and plan to have a release issued in the next couple of days, posted to the website and available for upgrade within cnMaestro.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Is there a way to query cnMaestro for a list of devices that match this?

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The issue can only happen to these certain models on the initial upgrade to or 22.0 from an old release such as 16.0. If you are already running or 22.0 on these models, then there is no reason for concern. We expect to have the replacement releases ready early this coming week.

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