CBRS active on device. Tool is not permitted

We were recently testing out CBRS on an AP to determine best practices for migrating to CBRS.  We migrated to CBRS on the AP and performed testing with an SM while using a 40 MHz channel in the lower CBRS band.  Performance testing went well seeing 220+ Mbps link speeds between a single SM and AP.  After testing was completed we rolled the SM and AP back to normal operation, we performed the relinquish grant as directed in CBRS_Consolidated_Procedures_Guide_Version_1.1.  Now when I request a grant for the same SM I get the following error, "CBRS active on device. Tool is not permitted."  I've looked through the menus, rebooted the SM, checked the domain proxy, and I can't seem to find anywhere that states the SM is registered or is active on CBRS.  Under subscriber module details in cnMaestro I found  "CBRS Status Disabled by AP."  Looking to see if anyone else has encountered this issue.  Next step is just to reset the SM back to factory defaults but was hoping to find a more graceful solution.

After a little more probing, and feeling quite foolish, I discovered that the SM had associated it's registration with a different CBRS enabled AP.  Going into the domain proxy view on cnMaestro Cloud I was able to find it via MAC address and De-Register it.  Once done I was able to re-request a new grant on the correct AP.


I would like to thank you for posting a follow up to your initial one.

This is what makes a community stronger. Everyone is navigating these new (and somewhat complex) processes, and every bit of experience helps. Sharing this with the community allows others to quickly resolve.

So KUDOS to you!

I want to say THANK YOU to the OP for putting the solution. That level of follow us is appreciated more than you know.

Saved me tons of headache here :slight_smile: