CBRS Billing

Received this piece of information now that our cnMaestro is set up with a new CBRS account. 

Trying to find information about the 'payment method' required. 

I know that there is a $0.02 charge per person - but would like to know what to expect so I know what I'm committing to cost wise.

Please note that the Billing module is currently disabled within the CBRS services page, once this has been enabled you will receive an email informing you that you need to enter a valid payment type to prevent any interruptions to your CBRS enabled devices.

Hi STT Rural,

The price will be $3 per SM per month. You can find more information from a forum post about the commencement of CBRS services here.

The $0.02 charge you referenced may be confusion regariding the PAL auction. There will be a minimum bid of $0.02 per person per MHz in the county of the bid for each PAL block of 10MHz. For a county of 100,000 people the minimum bid for one PAL block would be ($0.02/person/MHz) x (100,000 people) x (10MHz) = $20,000

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