CBRS omni antenna sources?

Any one have suggestions for a 3.5 Ghz 45 dual slant omni have a short range project thru some trees and I’m having issues finding two port 45 slant omni’s

KP Antennas and Alpha Antennas are probably your best bets.

PS. Just realized that the KP’s are all H/V… but Cambium has addressed this… I think there’s even a white paper somewhere… and ultimately it doesn’t really matter.

I’ve used the Alpha omni with good results. It’s kind of a beast, but the antenna patterns are pretty constant over azimuth and polarizations. That’s where many omnis aren’t so good. I think there’s a 0 degree and 4 degree downtilt version.

I’ll add my usual rant about just because it’s mid band spectrum doesn’t give it magical foliage penetrating capabilities. If you’re shooting through trees, be sure to use the latest beta FW to avoid dropouts when the trees blow in the wind.

Yeah i was looking at this but wouldn’t have any use for the extra 2 ports.

Cool I’ll take a look and yeah I understand the propagation thru trees but I’m talking distances of less than a quarter mile the yellow line isn’t even a potential shot I’m using that for a distance to give you an idea of how small of and area we are trying to cover most of the trees are older and quite tall so the have large canopies and not as much at the height we are planning on deploying.

This is a small lake that will have 3 power poles with 60Ghz for the LOS people and a 3.5Ghz for the people with a few trees in the way.


Tried this one and seems to be giving me good coverage from a private CBRS provider about 1 a mile albeit with kinda clear LOS.

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