CBRS onboarding error message

I am trying to ad an SM to our existing CBRS AP, I keep getting a message saying " [ Failed: The provided parent mac is mismatching with existing parent mac value] " I have confirmed that the MAC address and the serial # are indeed entered correctly. Any ideas as to why this is happening and how to possibly fix this? We are using a 450 integrated SM

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Cambium Tech support helped me with this problem. In case anyone else runs into this issue, I am posting the fix:

My windows laptop died on me so have been using my Mac instead lately. Cnut is not available on Mac OS, so what I did was I connected an SM that was running 16.1 firmware to one of my non CBRS 3.65 AP’s I connected it so I can log into the radio and then onboard it to CnMaestro and then do a firmware update to 16.2.2 which will give me the firmware needed to enable CBRS on that SM. I then changed the color code and installed it at the customers house and tried to onboard it in CBRS, the problem was, the MAC address of the SM was now tied to the non CBRS AP’s MAC address which is why I was getting a “mismatch” error message. The fix, was simple, just delete the SM out of CnMaestro and then I re entered the info in CBRS and all was good to go.


Any idea how long we have to wait after deleting the device from cnMaestro cloud before the import will succeed? It’s been 10 minutes and it is still throwing the same mismatched parent mac error.

Sorry, operator error.

Apparently deleting the device from inventory doesn’t remove it from the onboarding queue.

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This is an often overlooked point. Thank you for posting this follow up information!