CBRS SM powered down for a year, still on 16.2.2

I should know the answer to this, but am not sure. We have one SM at a customer house that has been powered down for a year, so obviously it missed the transition to PALs and multigrants, and is still on 16.2.2 FW. Sector uses 20 MHz, so two multigrants.

I am guessing that a truck roll will be required now to upgrade the FW onsite. Or will it still connect to the AP and get a grant so we can upgrade it over the air?

Is the SM configured to support 10MHz channels? If so, you ought to be able to set sector to 10MHz channel, get client connected, then push update and revert sector to 20MHz. Other possible AP-end resolutions should be possible, like disabling multigrant mode long enough to get SM reconnected and updated. If there’s a large number of current active clients on the sector, it may be worth the truck roll just to avoid disrupting them, but both options mentioned here should allow them to reconnect and run while you’re updating and reconfiguring the reconnected SM.


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We had a similar situation. The SM did connect to AP operating with 4x10Mhz multigrant but the connection was very poor on the SNR. We did successfully push the update to that SM without a truck roll or service interruption for the sector. Normal operation and more logical RF metrics after.

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Thanks both of you. We only had a few subs on this sector, so I went with newkirk’s approach and everything went smoothly. Modulation was limited to 2x until we resolved the 16.x/20.x FW mismatch, but that is expected and documented.