CBRS State changes

I had 4 SM’s that are changed state from REGISTERED to GRANT and dropped the connection they then stay in the GRANT state and will not reconnect. They had been in a connected state for about 33 hours, I disabled CBRS and they still would not connect i am thinking this a AP problem. However I have additional SM’s across the system that are disconnecting but showing the state as authorized.

Has any one else had issues with CBRS causing hardware failures or am i chasing the wrong tail.


Have you opened a support ticket for these issues?

It is highly unlikely that CBRS can cause any type of hardware failure. Much more likely is software issues, or something related to CBRS affecting the grant status of those devices. The support team can help troubleshoot these issues.

@CambiumMatt ,

Yes i have opened a ticket, was hoping the vast amount of field knowledge in the forum might have some insight.

What software version are you running?

16.2.1 and 2.4.1r10 on premise

with Maestro as the Proxy

I believe I read something about cnMaestro as a proxy causing a similar issue. You might be experiencing the issue below.

CBRS with
CPY-16829 Difficulty establishing CBRS AP to Domain Proxy connection when
upgrading to System release 16.2.2. This fixes a problem when using
cnMaestro as an HTTP proxy for CBRS messaging as documented in field
service bulletin FSB9082

Release note 16.2.3


Yeah I may see what support says then schedule and upgrade to 16.2.3.

I had 16.2.2 set to run then saw the proxy issue so i pulled the upgrade and missed the release of 16.2.3.

Thanks for reminding me to check it.

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