CBRS Update - Time to apply for Grandfather Interference Protection Running Out!

Staff at the FCC has reminded us to make sure customers are aware of the upcoming August 7, 2017 deadline for 3650-3700 MHz licensees to seek grandfathered interference protection for locations registered before April 16, 2015 that meet certain “in use” criteria.  

Here is a link with more information from the FCC’s web site:  https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/bureau-divisions/broadband-division/3650-3700-mhz-radio-service.  There is useful information links under the “Resources”  link, and the “Releases” link will direct you to FCC documents on how the grandfathered protection criteria was established and is being implemented.

Again, the deadline for completing the grandfathered protection process is August 7, 2017.  Best not to wait until the last minute.

Also, if you need additional materials in walking through registration of new sites, information is found on our site here.  The document is under "PMP450 migration and co-location Tools", called "3.65 GHZ_FCC_Walkthrough.pdf - (updated April 2017)"