CBRS v16 template

What happened to the max EIRP and requested EIRP columns, and the channel bandwidth and center frequency fields for the AP? Since v15 they disappeared from the template and from exported spreadsheets. Are we supposed to enter these manually now? I find this very confusing. Did I miss a memo?

When you import the spreadsheet and start the CBRS process for the first time, it asks you the EIRP you’d like to request for the AP and SM’s, and then it auto populates the fields for you.

Exactly right! By the way, if you did happen to miss the memo , below is a link to a new Cambium YouTube video that was just posted which goes over some of the key new CBRS features and process flows with the latest release of Cambium’s CBRS Service (PMP Release 20.0.1 and cnMaestro 2.4.2 Cloud and On-Prem) which was released just before the holiday break. HIGHLY recommended viewing for CBRS users. Hopefully this, along with all the supporting documentation posted to our Support site, will help everyone quickly come up to speed with the new steps.

The video is now live at CBRS coexistence Intro Video - YouTube


is this why the linkplanner export doesnt work?