CBSD Registration using Multistep

We have a few different vendors we use with CBRS and Google SAS. I have a few questions about MultiStep registration with Cambium SMs and cnMaestro.

From what I gather, Multistep registration involves creating the CBSD in Google’s SAS, signing it, getting a grant, then afterward all of this, cnMaestro would find that information and sync up to it.

We just tested this afternoon using our Field App, which is set up to collect CBSD installation details from the installer and automatically create CBSD via Google’s SAS API. The CBSD was created successfully, and once the SM registered to the AP, we saw the SM register to the SAS and got a grant, and became Authorized.

The AP showed the SM as Authorized, and Google SAS showed it as Authorized. We then got the SM onboarded to cnMaestro, but both the SM’s CBRS details are blank in the radio, and cnMaestro shows the SM as Unauthorized. It also doesn’t show up in the CBRS>Management tool.

I think at this point everything is happy and legal, but it worries me that the SM and cnMaestro aren’t showing the data correctly.

Is this Multistep Registration something that is being worked on so the data syncs better, or should we change our procedures for the special case of Cambium that can only do SingleStep registration via cnMaestro?

Cambium contacted me and is taking a look at this.