Certificate X.509 needed?

I’m developing an asp.net application to consume the prizm webservice’s.
When i try to call a method like getAllCustomers from the CustomerIfService service , the server return "The Remote certificate is not valid"
i’m always sending from asp.net, the user/password credential , created on prizm like administrator user.
I need a certificate X.509 to establish the https connection?


Hello alejandro,

One solution is to override the certificate policy as follows:

Create a class:

using System.Net;
using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates;

public class OverrideCertificatePolicy : ICertificatePolicy
public bool CheckValidationResult(
ServicePoint srvPoint,
X509Certificate certificate,
WebRequest request,
int certificateProblem)
return true;

Then, in your startup code add this line:

ServicePointManager.CertificatePolicy = new OverrideCertificatePolicy();

Hope this helps,

Valid x509 certificates are domain specific and bound to a certificate authority (Verisign/Thawte etc.)

However, Prizm creates a default certificate during installation that is not bound to a formal certificate authority.

This is ok, because Prizm is using the x509 to initialize the secure socket connection, and not for domain authentication.

You can replace the certificate on the Tomcat web server by obtaining one from a valid certification authority. But in general, most users just override the client code to ignore the certificate validity. As in the above example.

Thx a lot Dave!

I can’t belive that motorola is recommending turning off certificate validation of web service certificates. The above slop code, turns off the checking for all other web services also. Why doesn’t Motorola fix the problem like Microsoft did with the CRM 3.0.

It would also be helpful if Prizm was re-written in a modern language, or just release the “open source” code. That way we can re-write it properly.

In my 34 years of programming, I have never seen such a bad implementation and SDK.