Certified Installer

Reading some posts on other Cambium forums, I read that there is or may be a requirement to have a certified Installer install radios in the CBRS playing field. Does anyone know how or where to get this certification? And would it be required if we are installing Cambium Networks gear which may already satifly certian compliance requirements? 

So there's a few...


Federated Wireless


There may be more, but those are the big three. And yes... all of the Cambium 3GHz radios require CPI certification to use with CBRS. The strategy that some operators are using is having 1 person get the cert (like an IT admin), and then having field installers call in the relevant information to the CPI admin, and then they file the proper data.

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I just got a notice from WISPA that there's a special deal getting CPI certiification through Google, now at $100 off, along with training at WISPAPALOOZA if you want to do that in a live classroom. You can find out more details HERE.

There's a pretty sweet $395 CPI deal from Comsearch HERE.

How does the Comsearch training compare to the google training?