cfg backup from cnMaestro

We save a .cfg backup file for all our our deployed devices (mostly PMP450i).

I have been saving these from the Configuration tab in cnMaestro. I view the device configuration and select Download. Then I rename the downloaded file from "configuration.txt" to "SNMP-Name.cfg", where SNMP-Name is the SNMP Site Name of the device.

My idea(s)...

Have cnMaestro give the downloaded file the name "SNMP-Name.cfg" or "SNMP-Name.txt" instead of "configuration .txt"

Enable the selection of mulitple devices, named in this manner, so that cnMaestro can do a bulk backup of configuration files.


Have device configuration automatically uploaded and saved by cnMaestro at onboarding and whenever there is a configuration change. Then saving configurations to disk would not be necessary. 

Does any of the above already exist?