Change AP among choices on preferred list

The ePMP SM can list a set of preferred APs to connect to. Nice feature. But what if it connects to the second or third choice, the first choice comes back, and I want to reconnect to it? For example, I have one SM now that jumped to a second choice when the preferred one was momentarilly off, but it's about 30 dB weaker than the first choice, just a marginal link. Other than removing its current AP from the list, is there a way to force it to go to one of the APs on the preferred list? Thanks...

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@fgoldstein wrote:

But what if...   ...the first choice comes back, and I want to reconnect to it?

As far as I know, no. This has been a feature request for a number of years, and still just marked as ''under consideration'' as far as I know.

Thanks. They really should get around to that... I ended up deleting the AP it was on, and it went from MCS1-2 to MCS 15 on the right AP. Then I reinserted the wrong AP at the bottom of the list, just in case. Clumsy.

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Are you asking if there is a way to make it automatically go to the top AP on the list or if there is an easy way to manually make it jump back ?

The radios will, in my experience, connect to the highest AP they see on the list. When one , for whatever reason, connects to an AP lower on the list, as already stated, there is no setting to make it automatically go back when the higher AP is back online.

However the easiest way I have found to make it jump back to its preferred AP is to log onto the AP it is connected to, go to Monitor > Wireless  and hit the Deregister button next to it. When you kick it off the lower AP it should pretty quickly reconnect to the higher AP if it can.


Yes, either Deregister from the AP, Or you can just reboot the SM and it will connect to the preferred AP at the top of the list.

This is the biggest fault with epmp honestly. A preferred channel scan, just like 450 is sorely needed. 


And this ties into the lack of channel scsan in general. I don't want to kick something to  a different AP if I haven't first checked to see the signal strength at the SM, like the AP list on the 450 or, well, any Ubiquiti or MikroTik radio! Really, guys, this should be trivial. It does take the radio out of service during the scan, of course, at least on a 1000/2000 without an extra receiver chain.

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