Change default vlan1


  • I need setup DHCP for vlan1 with -
  • And change default vlan1 to vlan100.


  • Switch will have static IP :
  • Router ( connect to internet ) :
  • All connected device will have DHCP with 192.168.1 - 192.168.250

Is it possible ?

Thank you,
Viet VU

Yours router support vlans and nat ?

Hi Viet,

Not sure I fully understand your requirement, but here is a config sample for VLAN 1 DHCP, and VLAN 100 management. Devices connected to VLAN 1 will use the VLAN 1’s ip address as their default gateway. Switch will send the default gateway, dns-server along with the DHCP IP address to the devices.
I presume your internet router will do NAT as cnMatrix does not support NAT.

interface vlan 100
ip address
no shut
ip route
interface vlan 1
no ip address
ip address
service dhcp-server
ip dhcp pool 1
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Yes. I’m uing EX 2028P

Thank you so much.
Sorry about my lack of English. Let me try to explain again.

What i have

  • Router : Draytek 3910
  • Switch : EX 2028P

What’s exactly i want to do

  • Turn off DHCP on Draytek 3910 and make it on switch

What i have tried but not working

  • Draytek 3910 :
  • EX 2028P : - Static via IPv4 Quickstart with Default gateway
  • Setup DHCP for Vlan1 on 2028P

But look like this way is not working:

  • DHCP not working ( sometime yes / sometime not )
  • Event if it’s working my devices can’t connect to Internet

So i have tried

  • Create new VLAN100 192.168.100.x
  • This one totally working fine
    But … i usually use 192.168.1.x . All my hard config on Ubuntu, vmes used this range. Than i think
  • Create new VLAN100 and use it as “communication” between Switch & Router
  • Router
  • Switch with Active gateway ( But i can’t this value. it’s always change to or instead )
  • And try to use vlan1 for DHCP.

Any idea are really welcome.

Thank you,
Viet VU